Grandview Green Feasibility Study

The Grandview District, in north-central Edina, is bounded by Vernon Avenue/50th Street and Eden Avenue. The District is bisected by railroad tracks and Highway 100. Currently, the district is home to district services, local destinations, as well as residents of several apartment and condominium buildings. It is surrounded by established single-family neighborhoods. In Fall 2016, the City engaged a team led by AFO to study the feasibility of a new green space developed through the construction of a lid over Highway 100 between the Grandview district and the development on the east side of 100 including the Edina City Hall campus. In this early phase of study, we exploring how the lid can better connect neighborhoods, enhance bicycle and pedestrian routes, increase sustainability practices and improve the economic productivity of underutilized land around the highway in a way that provides new community benefits

Location: Edina, Minnesota

Completion Date: 2017