Downtown Rooftop Golf & Youth Center

The Downtown Rooftop Golf and Youth Center is envisioned to be constructed above two existing parking structures, the “A Ramp” and the Hawthorne Ramp, on the western edge of the Minneapolis Central Business District. With excellent transit and pedestrian connections, the proposed project is an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate how existing large scale, city-wide infrastructure can be infused with a new public purpose.

Designed to integrate multiple functional zones, the project will merge athletic and recreation facilities with an important new program to provide opportunities for youth in the downtown core. A proposed Recreation and Youth Center is envisioned to feature indoor/outdoor athletic fields and courts, a walking/running track, education facilities, and provide mentoring and coaching to promote learning and social development for youth of all ages. An Entertainment component is slated to include a clubhouse with training facilities, locker room, retail, conference center, food service and outdoor performance space.

Catering to a broad range of users, the proposed development will be an important contributor to the social and urban fabric of downtown Minneapolis; reinforcing the growth and development of the downtown community, and supporting the need for recreational, educational and social development of our children.

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Size: 560,000 square feet (site area)
Completion date: in process
Design Architect: Architecture Field Office
Architect of Record: TBD
Construction Manager: TBD